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Pet Insurance, Dog Insurance - Everything You Need To Know


Obviously every responsible owner seeks to protect their dog’s health, but unexpected accidents or the appearance of a disease, injuries, or illnesses can happen any time and the proper medical treatments can be financially demanding. Several insurance companies offer the opportunity to cover these and similar kinds of expenses through pet insurances, primarily for dogs and cats.

You are in the best place to get an answer to one of the questions below:

  • That’s all clear up to this point, but do I really need it?
  • Does it worth it? What should the pet insurance cover?
  • Which type is the best pet insurance policy for me?
  • Where do I find pet insurance plans?


Why do you need pet insurance?

First of all, having your pet insured not just only serves as a safety net, that delivers you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses but it could even save you money because as we well know the cost of veterinary healthcare varies greatly depending on the type of animal, how serious the injury or illness is and for how long is it’s medical treatment and in several cases, the vet bills can cost increasingly high. It allows you to choose treatments for your sick or injured pet based on the best medical option available and not restricted based on current financial burdens.

Secondly, while some human healthcare insurance policies may do, pet health insurance policies will never require to choose a specific health care provider. In the case of pet insurances, insurance companies provide the opportunity to choose the veterinarian you trust the best is given, by simply providing the veterinary bill to the insurance company for reimbursement of qualified expenses.

Although, it is advisory to get your pet health insurance as soon as possible, in order to obtain a lower premium there is no discrimination against any breed or age or congenital conditions of the pet, so you can get it any time you decide to.

You can decide which payment plan for your pet health insurance is the best for you, there are several options, including monthly, annual, semi-annual, or quarterly payment so it provides an easy way to budget your pet ‘s healthcare costs.

Why does it worth it to get dog insurance?

It doesn’t matter how well-bred your dog is, you can never know how much trouble they can get themselves into or in how many ways their health can be threatened. Of course, setting up a savings account for yourself for emergency care in case of illness or accident to cover vet bills is a perfectly valid alternative as well, but having some protection net against unexpected expenses related to your dog’s health is highly recommended to be able to provide the urgent and best possible medical treatment for them.

Dog insurances don’t only cover veterinary costs in case of accidents and illnesses, but also the finding of your pet if it goes missing or the cost of having your pet put down, and giving it a burial or cremation.

There are opportunities to get insurance for smaller mammals as well, such as hamsters or rabbits but due to shorter lifespans, are of debatable value, and exotic animals are even harder to insure as there are much fewer companies offering this service, but there are dozens of insurance companies offering dog insurances with fair and favorable conditions.

What can a dog insurance cover? What should a dog insurance cover?

Like in the case of every other type of insurances, dog insurance policies can vary widely, so do your research and always read the fine print of your insurance policy carefully.

Most dog insurances cover in case of any illness or injuries the veterinary fees of:

  • Surgery, medication and diagnostic tests such as MRI and X-rays,
  • Dental treatments,
  • Ongoing treatment - for recurring conditions such as skin conditions or arthritis,
  • Complementary treatment - such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy.


Along with veterinary fees:

  • A good dog insurance policy should also cover treatment for behavior problems.
  • While you are abroad, any emergency care for your pet is covered by the insurance company in most policies.
  • In case it goes missing the insurance company can cover the financing of the advertising, and the cost of a reward for its recovery as a part of a good pet insurance plan. The insurance company may also offer an opportunity for the replacement of the animal if they’re never found or pays the pet’s purchase price. (which you might require proof of otherwise your insurer might pay “market value”).
  • In case of death because of injury or illness and the price of euthanasia shall be also covered if the pet has to be put down, in a good pet insurance plan
  • Liability cost: This is available only for dogs. It covers any costs you’re legally responsible for paying if the property gets damaged or someone gets injured in an incident your dog is involved in.


Which type of pet insurance is the most suitable for me?

Pet insurance for accidents: The most basic and cheapest type of insurance is the ones, which are for accidents only covering the costs of the treatment if the pet gets injured during one but does not cover treatment for illnesses.

Annual pet insurance: If you choose this type, the pet health insurance will cover 12 months' worth expenses in case of accidents and illnesses or any emergency cares needed. This type gives you the option to switch to a cheaper policy, another insurer, or just simply finish it each year. However, keep in mind that generally will not cover pre-existing conditions and that you ‘ll maybe struggle to find insurance as your pet gets older.

Lifelong pet insurance: This type of cover is the most comprehensive. If you choose this type, you will have to pay a premium yearly and the insurer will have to keep covering any healthcare-related expenses of the pet which the package includes regardless of its age or any existing conditions.

The “claims basis” of a pet insurance policy determines how it covers vets’ fees.

The cover can apply per year, provides a set amount of money towards veterinary treatment in each policy year then, the covering for the costs of treatment will stop until the policy is renewed

It can also apply per condition, meaning that the insurer provides a set amount of money towards veterinary treatment for each condition or illness within the policy year. When the given limit has been reached, the cover will no longer be provided for that condition or illness in later years.

Both of them at the same time can be applied as well, meaning that the insurer covers veterinary treatments for all conditions and illnesses in each policy year, but just as in the two previous cases when the limit is reached in the policy year the provided amount of money for the treatments will stop until the policy is renewed.

Per condition – no time limit: These kinds of pet insurance plans will provide cover for any veterinary treatment year after year, any time it is needed.

Which pet insurance to choose?

To find the best pet insurance, which is the most suitable package, and make a good deal you have to do your research carefully and consider all the factors such as the age and pre-condition of your pet. Getting your pet insured when it is young and healthy may seem unnecessary, but you ‘ll thank yourself later because it is much more difficult and expensive to buy insurance for elder animals with health problems. 

Switching insurers can have its withdraws as well because the providers are very likely to not cover vet bills for treatments of congenital conditions, so it is worthwhile to take the time, do your research, and choose the one, with the best conditions for you.

Although lifetime cover is not the cheapest option (and premiums can rise), in the long-term it is the safest and remunerative one as it covers all vet bills (which is the main reason people buy pet insurance) for any conditions that require treatment year after year including congenital conditions.

To find the exact pet insurance policy, which is the best pet insurance specifically for you, you should definitely check out this page: You will find expert analysis of more than 70 pet insurance policies available, provided by several insurance companies.