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Dog Names From Movies with Breed Type

Looking for some inspiration for cool dog names from movies with breed type? Our list gives you the most popular dog movies with dog names. If you're waiting for a furry new member of your family, you better prepare with the most unique dog name for your puppy.

Dog Name In Movie: LASSIE

Breed Type: Collie

Movie: Lassie (2005)

The number one movie on our top list is about a boy and his loyal female dog living in a mining village in Yorkshire. Due to their difficult financial situation, the Carraclough family has to sell their beloved Collie, Lassie to Prince Rudling. Lassie has transported five hundred miles away from her home to a castle on the north coast of Scotland, from where she miraculously escapes. This is how the incredible journey begins through Britain's beautiful landscapes, while Lassie facing numerous dangers to cross the country and return home for Christmas in time.


Dog Name From Movie: HACHIKO

Breed Type: Akita

Movie: Hachiko, A Dog’s Story (2009)

One day after work Professor Parker (Richard Gere) finds a homeless puppy at the station. He has no idea that an extraordinary friendship is about to begin now. Although his wife doesn’t fully accept the little Japanese Akita dog at the beginning, Parker's heart is immediately melted by Hachi. The cheerful dog will soon accompany the professor to the train station every morning and every night until Hachi is waiting for his owner to return home but he doesn’t show up…


Dog Names From Movie: PERDITA AND PONGO

Breed Type: Dalmatian

Movie: 101 Dalmatians (1961)

The Dalmatian puppies were kidnapped by Cruella de Vil who wants to use them for her own fur coat. The dog parents decide to go and find their puppies. Through various adventures, they find 101 Dalmatian puppies and lead them home to their owners. Unfortunately, Cruella de Vil notices the missing of the puppies and the chase has begun.


Dog Name On Movie: BEETHOVEN

Breed Type: St. Bernard

Movie: Beethoven (1992)

The Newton’s are a calm, ordinary family until the little Saint Bernard puppy gets home in their house. Of course, he can only stay until they find his real owner, but Beethoven knows that this is exactly his true family and he belongs here. Meanwhile, their vet wants to tear him apart from the family and sell him for experimental purposes. The doctor pretends like Beethoven bite him, and order euthanasia for him. Newton’s can not let that happen.


Dog Name In Movie: VERDELL

Breed Type: Brussels Griffon

Movie: As Good As It Gets (1997)

Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is one of the most unbearable people in the world. A compulsive and grumpy old man mastered to bother the lives of others and how to be as rude as possible. Luck leaves him two times. First when someone attacks his neighbor and he has to take care of the painter's dog, then his favorite waitress disappears. Melvin is desperately trying to bring his life back to normal, but his attempts fail. However, a strange weekend brings unexpected turns.


Dog Name From Movie: HOOCH

Breed Type: Dogue de Bordeaux

Movie: Turner & Hooch (1989)

If there is something that the highly precise Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) is unable to tolerate, it is a mess. Turner's life is strictly scheduled with a regular daily routine, where everything has its own place and time. However, when he has no choice to adopt Hooch the dog, a particularly naughty and inexpressible bad behavior pooch, in a moment, his carefully controlled, the transparent world is ruined. It is not enough for the dog to confuse the idyll relationship between Turner and the pretty vet, even being able to influence his owner’s career in the wrong way. Turner and Hooch don't have a choice though, since the dog witnesses a murder, and he knows exactly who killed his previous owner, even if he can't tell the police. Turner and Hooch, the unusual, not matching pair of dog-human start a war against each other.



Breed Types: Alaskan Malamute (Buck), Siberian Husky (Dewey, Max, Maya, Old Jack, Shorty, Truman)

Movie: Eight Below (2006)

A small group of scientists and explorers are doing research in the Southern Arctic. Before winter, the last expedition starts with Cooper the cartographer (Jason Biggs), Davis the geologist (Bruce Greenwood) and Jerry their leader (Paul Walker), who is also the leader of eight loyal, highly intelligent sled dogs. Thanks to the courage and strength of the dogs, one member of the team survive an accident and they just get back to evacuate them with the last flight before the storm in time. They have no choice to leave the eight sled dogs at the camp, but Jerry promises not to let his friends down and return to them as soon as possible. However, no one expected the storm of the century to break out of Antarctica. As Jerry tries to get back to his four-legged friends while risking his life, the dogs, against the brutal weather, hunger, and wildlife, help each other not just to set an example of dog health, but extraordinary friendship, stamina, and loyalty.


Dog Name In Movie: JERRY LEE

Breed Type: German Shepherd

Movie: K-9 (1989)

Thomas Dooley (James Belushi), a detective at San Diego Police, likes to work alone. His boss wants to give a partner to him, so he goes into a compromise to have a search and rescue (SAR) police dog as his partner. His choice is a pretty german shepherd dog. The dog slightly rearranges the detective's car, apartment, and private life. The very strict dog training didn't involve well behavior for home. In spite of the initial difficulties, the strange couple gets used to each other and together they form an excellent team.


Dog Name From Movie: MARLEY

Breed Type: Labrador Retriever

Movie: Marley & Me (2008)

John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) decide that before they start a family, they first try on a dog, what is like to get up early and not to forget to feed someone. They bring a sweet little Labrador puppy at home and the dog will completely change their lives. It soon turns out that the pooch is tamed as a lion, stubborn like a mule and wild like a Siberian tiger. Even dog training goes wrong. The young couple moves to another city, have children, trying to start a new life - but Marley accompanies them everywhere. It’s almost impossible to tolerate the dog, but not being in love with him is even more impossible.



Breed Type: Siberian Husky (all of them except Nana), Border Collie (Nana)

Movie: Snow Dogs (2002)

To a Miamian dentist, Alaska is out of his comfort zone. He has to face not only the harsh weather conditions but eight wild sled dogs. Ted Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) decided to travel to Alaska to get his heritage. Soon he realizes that all he got is a bunch of bad behavior dogs. Seven Siberian Huskies and one Border Collie. The grumpy old man Thunder Jack (James Coburn) worsen the situation by wanting the dogs so badly, he would do anything to send the dentist back to Miami. Ted accepts the war and stays in Alaska to learn how to handle the dog sled.


Dog Name On Movie: STRONGHEART

Breed Type: German Shepherd

Movie: White Fang (1991)

Jack (Ethan Hawke) meets White Fang in search of gold in Alaska 1898. The wolf-dog mix puppy first raised by peaceful Indians, then they had to get rid of it. His cruel new owner, Beauty Smith (James Remar) turns the sweet and calm dog to a beast. Luckily, after a brutal dog fight, Jack finds White Fang, and not only rescues but slowly, step by step tries to regain the animal's faith in humans and win his trust. The evil Smith tries everything to mess up the life of not only the dog but also the life of Jack. White Fang gathers all his strength in the final fight to defeat Beauty and save Jack's life.


Dog Name From Movie: RED DOG (real canine actor name: KOKO)

Breed Type: Australian Kelpie

Movie: Red Dog (2011)

Red Dog, the Australian Kelpie makes friend with a small mining colony. He was a dog for everyone, had no real master, until one day he chooses his one and only owner John Grant (Josh Lucas). However, an unfortunate accident breaks them apart, Red Dog starts looking for John across Australia.


Dog Name In Movie: BALTO

Breed Type: Siberian Husky

Movie: Balto (1995)

Balto the young wolfdog doesn’t really know where to belong. He lives with his adoptive father, a Russian snow goose named Boris and two polar bears, Musk and Luk. His only friends are a red husky named Jenna and her owner Rosy.  Due to diphtheria many children got sick and taken to a hospital. However, severe winter weather conditions prevent the medicine from being brought by sea or air and the only way to get the medicine is on the dog sled. Balto became the leader of the team and earns respect from both the other dogs and the townspeople for his extraordinary work.


Dog Name From Movie: WINN DIXIE

Breed Type: Picardy Shepherd

Movie: Because of Winn-Dixie (2005)

The ten-year-old girl, Opal Buloni (Annasophia Robb) moves with her priest father to a small town in Florida. The father of a little girl cannot replace her mother and she doesn’t know anyone in town, so Opal will soon be lonely. It lasts until she meets a stray female dog at the local supermarket, and named her after the store Winn-Dixie. The dog found a perfect companion with Opal. Thanks to the dog, the little girl opens up to the outside world and meets such interesting people as the former criminal who is currently leading the pet shop, and also gets to know the almost completely blinded old lady who is considered a witch by the local kids. While she successfully contacted the real world, she should also find out how to get along well with her dad…


Dog Name On Movie: LOU

Breed Type: Beagle

Movie: Cats and Dogs (2001)

Ever since the world, two enemy forces have a secret war against each other for the possession of planet Earth. Without our recognition, it may be happening in our living room. Now the ancient conflict between cats and dogs seems to get more intense. The stubborn Persian cat Mr. Tinkles prepares an attack against the dogs. The excellent dog agents who devoted all their strength to the defense people are suddenly in a hard situation. The fate of mankind is in danger: Will the less experience, but more persistence and ingenuity of the puppy be enough to save the world from the claws, assassins, and secret agents of the cats?


Dog Name From Movie: BUDDY

Breed Type: Golden Retriever

Movie: Air Bud (1997)

After his father's unexpected death, twelve-year-old Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) moves to a small town with his family. Being a new boy in town and too shy to sign up for a school basketball team, he is practicing all alone on an abandoned track, where he meets Buddy, the Golden Retriever. He’s not just a sweet little dog, but he’s also talented in basketball. Soon he will have a good reputation for the unusual but more skillful match, and then the dog's previous owner appears…


Dog Names From Movie: CHANCE, SHADOW

Breed Type: American Bulldog (Chance), Golden Retriever (Shadow)

Movie: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Two dogs and a cat decide to escape from their current family and find their previous owners. They don’t know that the wild real world can be dangerous too. Although neither of them can have a chance to survive together or separately, they are determined to follow the inner voice that leads them to their owners.



Breed Type: Schnauzer mix (Tramp), Bloodhound (Trusty), Scottish Terrier (Jock), Cocker Spaniel (Lady, Scamp)

Movie: Lady and the Tramp (1955)

One of the most charming and loving cartoons of Walt Disney are dogs. Tramp, the bohemian cheerful stray dog, and a registered, beautiful, spoiled Susi. When she gets into trouble, the only one who takes the risk and helps her is Tramp. It seems like opposite characters attract others in the dog world too…